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Orlando Valle Jr, MD

I believe healthcare providers should follow their passions because realizing your vision will alleviate burn out and fulfill what is most important to you!

As healthcare providers, we have sacrificed time, finances, and health in order to help others only to be a part of a system that doesn’t facilitate our ideals. This leads to burnout, frustration and in some cases depression that negatively impacts our relationship with our loved ones and ourselves. I aim to help us seize the opportunity to renew our purpose, find joy in what we do, and spend more time focused on what important through entrepreneurial education, personal development, and overall wellness. Let’s burn-out burn out together!

About Me.

Where I started and Why I am Awesome!

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, my mother and step-father sacrificed a lot to put me in a position to succeed and live a better life. Through them I learned perseverance and resilience. I was able to get into medical school after applying the second and successfully completed an OB GYN residency at Johns Hopkins. Never would have thought a kid from the Bronx could have the privilege to train at one of the most prestigious hospitals. I’m now a board-certified OB GYN Generalist in PA.

I love my job. Nothing brings me greater joy than bringing life into this world and help heal those who are sick. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy of medicine has slowly eaten at my joy, at times making me bitter. I’m not the only one to experience this. Most of us in healthcare have gone through episodes of what’s called burn out. It’s a moral injury that attacks our core ideals and values. It antagonizes the reason we got into medicine. This is not due a lack of passion but to a system that much rather optimize revenue and expansion as opposed to patient care. The system needs to change but that takes time.

This is why I'm starting Burn-Out Medicine: to help combat healthcare provider’s moral injury known as burn out. To help us renew our passions, start new journeys, and encourage each other to be excellent personally, physically and professionally. It all starts with the renewing of the mind and taking a different approach.

Come along with me on this journey!

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